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1. Unauthorised colonies in Delhi have been in existence right from the time the planned development of Delhi started with the setting-up of DDA in 1957, Since DDA was unable to construct enough low cost housing and there was large scale migration from neighbouring states. It is estimated that about 7.00 lakh families are residing in these unauthorized colonies.
2. The Govt. of India issued on 16th Feb.,1977, a policy for regularization of various unauthorized colonies which had come up in Delhi. The main feature of the policy was that development charges as determined by DDA/MCD were payable by the property owners in a manner laid down by these bodies. 567 unauthorized colonies were regularised till Oct.,1993 on the basis of the above policy.
3. The Govt. of NCT of Delhi decided in 1999 to get the construction of roads and drains done through MCD/DSIDC. The roads and drains in different phases are being constructed in unauthorized colonies which are in the list of 1071 unauthorised colonies, located on private land and where built-up percentage as per aerial photographs of 2002 is above 50%. The Govt. of Delhi has also taken a decision to provide sanitation services in unauthorized colonies where roads and drains have been constrcted in the past.
4. Govt. of India, Ministry of Urban Development issued guidelines for regularization of unauthorized colonies on 10.02.2004. On the request of Govt. of Delhi, the cut off date for regularization of unauthorized colonies has been changed to 31.03.2002. In the guidelines issued by Govt. of India there was a proposal for charging of land rates and penalty on the unauthorized colonies located on public land.
5. The stand of the Govt. of Delhi was that regularization of unauthorized colonies in Delhi be done in accordance with the policy of 1976-77 wherein there was no condition for recovery of land price and penalty from such colonies. Accordingly, Delhi Govt. requested Govt. of India to regularize the unauthorized colonies on the basis of 1976-77 policies. Several meetings were held in the Ministry and matter is under active consideration of Govt. of India.
6. Govt. of Delhi issued a Public Notice in Oct. 2004 inviting applications from the Resident Welfare Associations/Resident Welfare Societies of the unauthorized colonies existing as on 31.03.2002. In all 1432 applications have been received. These applications were sent to various agencies for obtaining NOC land status reports of these applications from Deputy Commissioners offices have been received. A report from MCD and Arcaeological Survey of India are still awaited. These applications will be scrutinized on the basis of land status reports and reports of other agencies and a final list of unauthorized colonies which could be considered for regularization will be prepared on the basis of guidelines issued by the Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India. The final list will be sent to Govt. of India and also in the Hon’ble High Court. However, final policy for regularization of unauthorized colonies is still awaited from Govt. of India. Applications were also invited from unauthorized colonies whose names were figuring in the list of 1071 but that could not apply in response to advertisement issued in Oct.,2004 and 107 applications were received which are under process of verification.
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