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Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital
Services Provided



  1. O.P.D. services of all major specialties i.e. Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics,   Orthopedics, Gynae & Obs., ENT, Eye, Skin , Dental ,Chest Clinic and DOTS center, Homeopathy and Family welfare.


  1. Round the Clock  Services:-

a)     Emergency Services (i) General Medicine, (ii) Pediatrics (iii) Obstetrics & Gynecology (iv) Orthopedics (v) General Surgery 

b)     ICU

c)     Labour Room/Nursery

d)     Radiology

e)      laboratory

f)      Blood Bank

g)     Ambulance Services.


  1. Indoor Services – For all major specialties i.e. Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics,  Orthopedics, Gynae & Obs., ENT and Eye.


  1. Operation Facilities- Routine surgery for patients of Surgery, Orthopedics, Eye, ENT, Gynae & Obs in addition to round the clock emergency surgeries for surgery , Orthopedics, Gynae. & Obs. department.


  1. Disaster Ward.


  1. HIV Counseling through Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center (VCTC).


  1. Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy with Rehabilitation.


  1. Referral of patients of economically weaker section of society (EWS) to empanelled private hospital for treatment.


  1. Facility for Delhi Govt. Employee Health Scheme beneficiaries.


  1. Medical Examination Board.


  1. Disability Board.
  2. Services provided under Janani Sishu Suraksha Karyakram (A scheme of  Govt of India.)- where in  free treatment, investigation and transportation on request for all pregnant women up to six week after delivery and for all new born babies less than one month.


  1. Family Welfare Services –Provision for postpartum sterilization and postpartum intrauterine contraceptives device round the clock.


  1. Free diet to all admitted patients.


  1. Tobacco cessation Centre provides motivation and counselling for quitting tobacco addiction.


  1. Geriatric clinic provides exclusive services to senior citizens in room 39 for fulfilling needs of Geriatric population. 


The assistance scheme under Delhi Arogya Kosh (DAK) is being effectively implemented by providing free high end Diagnostic Tests & free surgery from approved private diagnostic centres and hospitals.

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated : 04 Nov,2022