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Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital
Patient’s Rights
  1. Every individual should have the right to access to health services without any discrimination.
  2. Right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  3. Right to full and accurate information about the facilities, services and staff available, not available or outsourced.
  4. Right to be informed of the name and professional position of the Doctor Incharge and other staff involved in the care.
  5. Right to be fully informed and educated about his/her illness, the investigations required, the diagnosis, the treatment options available, the risks/benefits/side effects/after effects.
  6. Right to receive a copy of the case records on demand.
  7. Right to informed consent (After full information, education and advice) before examination & starting the proposed treatment or procedure- (surgical or non-surgical).
  8. Right to privacy during the conduct of medical examination and treatment procedures.
  9. Right to informed consent before transfusion of blood/blood products, anesthesia, High risk medical and surgical interventions.
  10. Right to informed consent for participation in a clinical research programme.
  11. Right to refuse the treatment or change the doctor if the patient does not have faith in the doctor or does not agree to the treatment modality advised.
  12. Right to forbid a particular procedure, accepting the consequences of his/her decision.
  13. Right to a second opinion.
  14. Right to confidentiality of information.
  15. Patient has the right to health services of acceptable standards as per the latest professional knowledge and treatment protocols.
  16. Right to safe and hazard free functioning of facilities, services and equipment.
  17. Right to safe practices, safe procedures, safe medication, safe and appropriate food(if provided) and safe environment.
  18. Right to education about preventing infections, about immunization, diet and nutrition etc.
  19. Right to education about a patients’ specific ailments, possible complications and precautions to be taken.
  20. Right to education about the safe and effective use of medication and its potential side effects.
  21. Right to a grievance redressal mechanism.
  22. Right to legal recourse in case of malpractice by hospital/any of the hospital staff.
  23. Patient has right to prompt resolution of complaints or grievances.

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated : 04 Nov,2022