Court of the Financial Commissioner, Delhi
Guidelines for filing petitions/appeals


General instructions/guidelines for filing petitions/appeals

  1. All petitions/appeals/applications should contain the following:
    1. Index.
    2. Memo of parties.
    3. Subject/heading containing the section and the relevant Act under
      which the concerned petition/appeal/application is filed.
    4. Original/Certified copy of the ImpugnedOrder.
    5. Requisite Court fee stamp.
    6. Supporting affidavit.
  2. All annexures/documents should be attested as true copies by the

  3. All petitions/appeals/applications should be duly signed by the 

  4. All petitions/appeals/applications should beduly page numbered.

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated :28/Apr/2014