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Anti-Smoking Special Raids June 2006
Procurement of stickers displaying silicosis awareness message.
Central Procurement Agency (CPA) for drugs was established in the Directorate of Health Services as one of the steps being taken to implement the drug policy of Delhi.  CPA is to make pooled procurement of Essential drugs after inviting tender & order the drugs for all institutions/Hospitals in the state of Delhi. The pooled procurement programme is to be implemented in three phases.
1.  Finalisation of rate-contracts of drugs after inviting open tender from manufacturers in two bid. Only those manufacturers are being selected who fulfil following main technical criteria.
(a)  Have annual turnover of Rs. 12 crore or above in last two consecutive financial year.
(b) Have three years manufacturing & marketing experience for each drug offered.
(c) Have WHO GMP certification/DGQA registration of each drug offered.
2.  Placing centralized supply order for consolidated demand of drugs from all hospitals/Institutions of Govt.  of Delhi on 4-monthly basis.
3. Testing of all batches of drugs received by hospitals against central supply orders.
4. Finalization of rate-contracts of common surgical consumables after inviting tender from manufacturers only.
5. Placing centralised supply orders for consolidated demand of common surgical consumables on 6-monthly basis.
6. Testing of all batches of common surgical consumables received by hospitals against central supply orders.
Presently all the supplies of drugs & surgical consumables are being received by hospitals directly and payment is also being made by hospitals.
As a part of implementation of IIIrd phase, in near future, supplies against the central Supply orders will be received by CPA, stored and then will be distributed to all hospitals.  The payment will also be made by the CPA.
Revised List Of "Essential Drugs" For Hospitals Under Government Of NCT Of DELHI 2001.
Certain  drugs  because of their cost or because they  should  be used only by specialists, have been classified under the category selective drugs. This is denoted by an asterisk(*), these  drugs marked  (*)  may be procured in small quantities and  their  prescribing may be monitored.  Each hospital should work out its own mechanism for the prescribing of these drugs.  The drugs selected for outpatients will be available to inpatients also.
The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi 2001
General Anaesthetics
Sodium    Inj. 0.5, 1gm            
thiopentone   powder/vial
Halothane Inhal.
*Propofol Inj. 1%(10ml/vial)
Nitrous oxide Inhal.
Oxygen Inhal.
Ketamine     Inhal.
hyrochloride  Inj.50mg/ml
Fentanyl Inj.0.05mg/ml vial
Local Anaesthetics
Bupivacaine  Inj. 0.25%, 0.5%
hydrochloride  Heavy 0.5%  
Lignocaine  Inj. 2%,
hydrochloride  Inj. 5%(with dextrose 75mg/ml) 
jelly    2%
Oint.  5%
spray  10%
viscous solution
topical  4%
eye drops  4%
Inj.  2%
adrenaline   5mcg/ml adrenaline
Inj.   2%
with adrenaline (1:80,000)
Ethyl chloride Spray

Pre-Operative Medication And Sedation  For Short Term Procedures

Atropine sulphate Inj. 0.6mg/ml
Promethazine  Inj. 25mg/ml
Syr. 5mg/5ml
Diazepam  Inj. 5mg/ml   
Tab. 5mg    
Midazolam    Inj. 1mg/ml
Glycopyrrolate  Inj. 0.2mg/ml
Acetyl salicylic Tab.100,325,350mg
Pentazocin  Inj. 30mg/ml     
acid    lactate  
Allopurinol   Tab. 100mg    
Morphine sulphate Inj. 10mg/ml
Pethidine  Inj. 50mg/ml
Paracetamol   Tab. 500mg 
hydrochloride  Syr. 125mg/5ml
*Buprenorphine  Tab..2mg sublingual
Paracetamol Inj. 150mg/ml
Ibuprofen   Tab. 200, 400mg  
Ketorolac   Inj. 30mg/ml        
susp. 100mg/5ml   (1ml ampoule)
Indomethacin    Cap. 75mg SR
Mefenamic acid  Tab. 250mg
Diclofenac  Tab. 50mg,
sodium Tab.75mg SR
Diclofenac  Inj. 25mg/ml
sodium Nimesulide   Tab. 100mg
Amp.   Ampule
Cap.   Capsule 
CAPD  Continueous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
Inhal.  Inhalation
Inj.  Injection
Linct.  Linctus
Oint. Ointment
PDC   Peritoneal dialysis concentrate
Susp. Suspenion
Syr.  Syrup
Tab. Tablet
CR    Controlled release
Committee  for selection of essential drugs" for hospitals under  Govt.  of NCT of Delhi
S No Contact Person Designation Address Contact No
1. Prof. R.R. Chaudhury Advisor to Minister Health & Family Welfare, 
Govt. of NCT of Delhi,
National Institute of Immunology,
New Delhi 110 067
Off: 6162281
Res: 6856524
Fax 6162125
2. Dr. J.S. Bapna Director Prof. Director,IHBAS                   
P.O.Box 9520, Shahdara,
Delhi 110 095
Off: 2112136
Res: 2286631
Fax: 2299227
3. Dr. Usha Gupta Professor of Pharmacology Maulana Azad Medical College.  
New Delhi 110 002.
Off: 3239271/257
Res: 91-591567
Fax: 323
4. Dr. P.  Dasgupta Drugs Controller General of India Govt. of India, Nirman Bhawan,New Delhi Off: 3018806
5. Dr. V.R. Minocha Professor & Head of Surgery GTB Hospital, Shahdara,Delhi 110 095. Off: 2286262/206
Res: 7257309
6. Dr. M.D. Mathur Dir. Prof. &  Head of Microbiology Maulana Azad Medical College,
New Delhi 110 002.
Off: 3239271/244
Res: 91525727
7. Dr. L.L. Aggarwal Drugs Controller, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.          
15, Sham Nath Marg, Delhi 110 054.
Off: 2517511
Res: 3985151
Fax: 2924939
8. Dr. J.S. Guleria Former Dean & Head of Medicine AIIMS, K-11, Green Park Extn.,
New Delhi 110 016
Off: 6867279
Res: 6195447
9. Dr. Jeevan Jha Director of Health Services DHS,E-6,Saraswati Bhawan,
NCT of Delhi,
New Delhi - 110 001.
Off: 3327867
Res: 7026272/7019022
Fax: 3322237
10. Dr. S.K. Mittal Prof. & Head of Pediatrics         LN Hospital, New Delhi. Off: 3236031
Res: 2911421/2925105
11. Dr. S.K. Aggarwal Director Prof. & Head of Medicine  LN Hospital, New Delhi. Off: 3236437
Res: 2246417, 2248462
12. Dr. S.K. Sarin Prof. & Head of Gestroenterology   GB PantHospital,                
New Delhi 110 002.
Off: 3232013, 323001/5201
Res: 6873563Fax: 6468691
13. Dr. B.K. Ram Dir. Prof. &  Head of Medicine GTB Hospital, Shahdara            
Delhi 110 095
Off: 2286262
Res: 6492479
14. Dr. V.P. Gupta Prof. & Head of Opthalmology    GTB Hospital, Shahdara,
Delhi - 110 092
Off: 2286262
Res: 2290497
15. Dr. G.R. Biswas Head of Medicine DDU Hospital, Hari Nagar,
New Delhi 110 014.
Off: 5145601-9/245
Res: 6894633
16. Dr. Kamla Sharma Director Prof. &  Head Department of Obst. & Gynae,
LN Hospital, New Delhi.
Off: 3235823
Res: 6864959
Anti-Smoking bill Act was implemented by Delhi Government with effect from 26.1.97.  No smoking day is observed on 31st May, every year. Under this programme various I.E.C. activities are being carried out to educate the general people about the various ill-effects of smoking. During the year 2000-01, the Directorate of Health Services has deployed special Enforcement squads in 8 Districts in Delhi to fine and challaned in public places and public service vehicles for violating the said Act.
Following major activities have been undertaken during 2002-03:
S.No Activities 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03  2005-06
1 Raids Conducted 14694 884 657  12638
2 Public Service Vehicle Raided 73738 8669 3206 45835
3 Persons Fined 19052 6481 867  11735
4 Health Education Lectures 23 08 16 -
5 Workshop /Seminar 01 46 10 -
6 Leaflets Distributed 26000 1050000 1372000  -
Anti -quackery cell was established with basic aim to identify the quacks doing medical practice in Delhi and to take action against the quacks. This cell also create the public awareness about the dangers of the quackery and need to get treatment from duly registered qualified doctors only.
During the year 2001-02 200 clinics were inspected as compared to 50 in 2000-01, 43 in 1999-00 and appropriate action have been initiated against the identified quacks.
Major Activities undertaken during 2002-03 are as under:
1. Public was informed about dangers of quackery and before getting treatment to confirm whether the doctor is registered or not.
2. All Medical practioneres were informed through newspapers about the mandatory registration with  their respective council in their respective system of medicine.
S.No year No. of Clinics Inspected
1 2000-01 50
2 2001-02 200
3 2002-03 963
4 2005-06 930
National Programme for Control of Blindness
This programme is implemented in Delhi through" Delhi State Blindness Control Society". Under this programme various activities undertaken during the year 2006-07 are as under:
In collaboration with District Blindness Control Societies (DBCSs) camps are held all over Delhi specially in the under privileged areas and the cases detected with cataract are transported and operated in fixed facilities in Govt. hospital/NGO Hospital.
The details of the cataract surgeries performed are as under:
2003-04 79865
2004-05 85097
2005-06 84153
2006-07 84914
Under this project teachers in Govt. and aided schools have already been trained for screening of school children for defective vision (Middle classes).  All those of class VI, VII, VIII are examined by the teachers and those students suspected to be suffering with defective vision are further examined by refractionist and those needing glasses are provided free spectacles through respective DBCS. The report of School Eye Screening Project is as below:. 
Year No. of Students Screened No. of Students found with refractive errors No. of Students given free glasses
2003-04 Nil Nil Nil
2004-05 Nil Nil Nil
2005-06 17590 3436 2399
2006-07 5631 1420 1311
But the real problem being faced is neither the teachers are nominated for undergoing training, nor the teachers who have undergone training do the screening of students and refer them to DBCS & nor does the DBCS does any active follow up as such we are lagging behind in achieving the targets set.
Under the NPCB the Eye Banks located in Delhi are continuously encouraged to collect as many eyes as possible, In the month of August an “Eye donation Fortnight” is also held under which special incentive is given to the eye banks to promote the Eye Donations Activities. talk on radio and Doordarshan were got organised during this fortnight by eminent eye specialists.
The report of Eye Bank is below:-
S.No Year No. of Eye Collected No. of Eyes used in Kerotoplasty
1 2003-04 1355 934
2 2004-05 1377 882
3 2005-06 1761 887
4 2006-07 1552 751
To strengthen the service component, many of the Govt. hospitals have been supplied with ophthalmic equipments to augment the ophthalmic services in the hospitals.  Equipments such as Direct Ophthalmoscope, Streak Retinoscope, Operating Microscope, A-scan Biometer, Keratometer, Slit Lamp and Tono Meter Unit have been supplied to the major hospital as well as to the peripheral  hospitals like Attar Sain Jain Hospital,  Rao Tula Ram Hospital, Swami Dayanand Hospital, Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital, Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital .  Free IOLs and sutures have also been supplied to all the Govt. hospitals. Even the Yaglesers have also been got supplied through Govt of India to almost all the hospitals.
Under Motiabind Mukti Abhiyan, Phase-VIII, 39 hospitals from Govt. and Non-Govt. sector have been identified who have got the facility for the cataract surgery and can provide the IOLs.  A list of the hospitals identified is attached as Annexure "I". These hospitals also participate in holding the camps throughout the year.
As IEC is a vital component aimed at increasing the passive reporting of cases of cataract by disseminating the information on early sign and symptoms of CATARACT.  Information on the precautions to be observed after the surgery is also vital to avoid the complications in these cases.
Therefore a multi media campaign involving the outdoor publicity in the form of hoardings & also through electronic media in the form of video spots on Doordarshan & Satelite TV (Cable) was carried out,
This Cell functioning under the programme has been actively participating in various other activities organised by State Govt. & Govt. of India. Perfect Health Mela was organised at Shiekh Sarai Park from 10th to 16th Oct. 2006. in this Mela, a stall of 10' X 10' was hired by Delhi State Blindness Control Societies and eye specialists and other staff of Attar Sain Jain Hospital were deployed in the Mela. In all 793 patients were examined and treated on the spot. 62 patients were referred to hospitals for Cataract Surgery and most of them to GNEC to get their surgery free of cost under the Motia Bind Mukti Abhiyan Phase VIII. Arrangements were made in the mela to distribute the handbills on common ailments of eye and banners were also got displayed on "Eye Donation" and "World Sight Day". Another mela i.e. "BHAGIDARI UTSAV " was held at PRAGATI MAIDAN under the able guidance of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi. In this mela / utsav , an exhibition was set up IEC/publicity/refractionists  were deployed to carry out the eye care activities. the medicines for eye ailments were distributed in collaboration with Delhi Hedgewar Arogya Sansthan, in all 279 patients were examined in the Mela and treatment prescribed on the spot. In addition, the team of eye bank of Guru Nanak Eye Centre was also  invited and they gave the publicity material and also got some pledge form filled up on the spot.
1. East Zone:
i GTB Hospital, Shahadra.
ii LBS Hospital, Khichripur.
iii Noida I care, Sector-26, Noida.
iv Swami Dayanand Hospital, Shahadra.
v Seth Jessa Ram Charitable Hospital, Karol Bagh.
2. North Zone:
i SGM Hospital, Mangolpuri.
ii Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Rohini.
iii Dr.Vaish Eye Hospital, Shakti Nagar.
iv Hindu Rao Hospital, subzi Mandi.
v Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital, Rajpur Road.
vi Tirath Ram Shah Hospital, Rajpur Road.
vii BJRM Hospital, Jahangirpuri.
viii Aggarwal Dharmarth Kandra, Shakti Nagar.
ix MBHospital, Phooth Khurd.
x Attar Sain Jain Hospital, Lawrence Road.
3. West Zone:
i DDU Hospital, Hari Nagar.
ii National Society foe Prevention of Blindness, Moti Nagar.
iii ESI Hospital, Basai Dara Pur.
iv Mai Kamli Wali Dharmarth Hospital, Rajouri Garden. 
v Mohan Eye Instititute, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg.
vi Sumermal Jain Eye Hospital, Najafgarh Road.
vii Ganga Ram Hospital, Rajender Nagar.
viii RTRM Hospital, Jaffar Pur.
ix GGSG Hospital, Raghubir nagar.
x Jyoti Manav Sewa Sansthan, Najafgarh.
4. South Zone: 
i Banarsidas chandiwala Eye Institute, Kalkaji.
ii Dr.R.P.Centre, AIIMS, Ansari Nagar.
iii Safdarjung hospital, Arbindo marg.
iv Lions Hospital & Resech Centre, new Friends colony.
v Charak Palika Hospital, Moti Bagh.
vi Dukh Nivaran Samiti Health Centre, Vasant vihar.
vii Batra Hospital, Tugllkabad.
5. Central Zone: 
i GNE Centre, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Marg.
ii RML Hospital.
iii LHMC Hospital, Panchkuian Road.
iv Dr. Shroff Charitable Eye Hospital, Daryaganj.
v NR Central Hospital, Basant Lane
vi Rajdhani Charitable Eye Hospital, Qutub Road.
vii Dr. NC Joshi Mem. Hospital, Karol Bagh.
This Programme was launched by Government of Delhi to clear backlog of Cataract cases.
This programme aims at providing hearing aid to senior citizen of Delhi free of cost and till date about 3,000 hearing aids have been distributed.

State Health Intelligence Bureau has been established under the Plan Scheme of Directorate of Health Services with prime objective of maintaining health related data. The data is collected from various Govt. and non-govt. agencies. The collected health related data is compiled, analysed and published. The State Health Intelligence Bureau published/prepared the following documents.

Medical Telephone Directory, 2005.
Assembly Constituency - wise Health  facilities in Delhi.
Annual Report of Directorate of Health Services.
DHS at a glance
In addition to above, State Health Intelligence Bureau is also responsible for collection and further forwarding the answer of Parliament/Assembly Questions from different branches of Directorate of Health Services.
Control Room
Latest News
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Amendment No 1 EOI for Setting up of CATS Control Room
Hiring of premises on rent for AAMC by 05.00 pm today
Issue of Provisional Registration Certificate (On temporary basis)
Revised order Night Shelters -medical arrangements
EXPRESSION OF INTEREST for Video Surveillance
Amendment No 3 to the CATS tender for procurement of ALS and BLS Ambulances
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