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Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital
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Dept of ENT provides tertiary level care for the patients  attending the hospital. 
  1. Dept. provides diagnostic, medical  and surgical management facilities.
  3. Dept. also treats patients referred  from smaller hospital and school health program.
  5. Apart from providing medical care  dept. is involved in the medical education of PG students. Pursuing DNB course  which is also involve in research activity through different thesis project. 

Organization of Dept.

S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
1. Dr. M.S. Bisht HOD 25494404, Ext. 381
2. Dr. A.K. Mehta SAG Ext. 385
3. Dr. Jasmeet Kaur SAG Ext. 385
4. Dr. Geetanjali SPL. Ext. 381
5. Dr. Sanjay Prakash SPL. Ext. 384
6. Dr. Dinesh Vanshnay MO Ext. 384
7. Dr. Saurab Jain MO Ext. 384

List of Services Providing in OPD

Dept. offers the following diagnostic service like.
  1. Audiometry
  3. Tympanometry
  5. OAE
  7. BERA
  9. Diagnostic  Nasal Endoscopy
  11. Fibro  optic Nasal Endoscopy
  13. Minor  Surgical Procedure

List of surgical Service

All major and minor surgical procedure like. 
  1. Nose  - Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, FESS.
  3. Ear - Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy Stapedectomy
  5. Throat  - Tonsillectomy,  Adenoidectomy, Microlaryngeal surgery surgery,Thyroidectomy,Laryngoectomy, other Head and Neck surgery

List of Indoor Service

    Routine patients are admitted for medical and  surgical treatment.

    Emergency Patients who needs emergency procedure i.e. Trauma cases,  Foreign body and stridor are admitted and provided relevant  treatment.

    All major and minor operation


    All kinds of endoscopic

    Nasal endoscopy
    Direct Laryngoscopy

    Special Clinic in OPD

    Timing 2 to 4 PM Rhinology clinic Tuesday
      Deafness/Vertigo clinic Thursday


    Cancer clinic Friday

    All Services are provided free of cost.

    Achievement about the dept

    Recently dept has acquired BERA  machine for testing hearing of difficult cases and cases with profound deafness  specially useful in children and differently abled individual.
    Dept. has also started screening program for detection of hearing loss in  all new born with  OAE. 

    Department has established a skill lab (Temporal Bone Lab) for the training of DNB candidate. 

    Future Plan

    Dept. is planning to established  voice clinic and speech therapy clinics.

Chief Minister
<Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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