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Directorate of Agricultural Marketing functions to provide marketing facilities to agricultural producers so that they can get fair prices for their produces. To eradicate malpractice in the trade, the markets are brought under regulation and are therefore called "Regulated Markets". Standardization and grading of agricultural produce is also undertaken by which producers are benefited in marketing of pre-tested quality produce, which brings remunerative price to them. Market Intelligence work is also functional to gather market behavior, which is considered as a prerequisite to promote marketing activities. For updating the knowledge of deployed staff provision has been made to get them trained from different Government agencies. Grading under AGMARK is an important activity of the Directorate.Scheme wise functioning may be detailed as: -


The scheme provides marketing facilities to agricultural producers to provide remunerative price for their produce. For that purpose Agricultural Produce Market Committees have been established to safeguard the interest of producers. These markets have been established under the provision of the Delhi Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act, 1998. To have Superintendence and control of those regulated Market Committee, the Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board is functioning. The later being directly under the administrative control of this Directorate. The following regulated markets are functional: -

  1. Food grain Market at Nazafgarh.
  2. Food grain Market at Narela.
  3. Food grain and Fruits & Vegetable Market, Shahdara/Gazipur.
  4. Fodder Market at Mangolpuri Indl. Area, Phase - II.
  5. Fruits & Vegetable Market, Azadpur (sub-yard Okhla)
  6. Fish, Poultry & Egg Market, Gazipur.
  7. Khoya / Mawa Market, Bagh Diwar.
  8. Flower Market, Mehrauli .
  9. Fruit & Vegetable Market, Keshopur.

The scheme provides grading facilities to producers so that they may market pre-tested quality products ensuring fair return. Grading is done under the Agricultural Produce Grading & Marking Act, 1937, as amended in 1986. Chemical testing is a prerequisite to determine grade standards for grading. The Act provides producers should have their own laboratory for testing of product. Alternatively they may utilize the services of State Grading Laboratory set up by State Governments for grading/testing purpose. As per the aforesaid provision State Grading Laboratory is functional in this Directorate. Presently about 70 producers are attached for grading through this Department. 

At present ground spices, Besan, Pulses, Wheat Atta, Honey, Amchur Powder, Hing and Vegetable Oil are being graded in the State Grading Laboratory. After May 2007 grading & standardization of fruits & vegetables will also be started for which  new Microbiology and Instrumentation labs have been commissioned.


Survey of Markets is a necessity to adjudge suitability of the market for regulation and to promote marketing activities. Regular study of market behavior i.e. arrivals, price study etc. is required to formulate policy etc. So under this scheme such activities are going on where market information is being collected on daily and weekly basis from different markets. They are then analysed and fed to different agencies, prominent among them are the daily rates of essential commodities being fed to different Ministries. Monthly bulletin depicting the behavior of various commodities in different markets of National Capital Territory of Delhi is also being published.

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